<aside> 🇺🇸 Led the frontend team behind elizabethwarren.com and pushed the boundaries of using digital web experiences in political campaigns.



I quietly joined the Elizabeth Warren campaign in December 2019, just before the FEC paperwork was officially filed. For the next year, I worked tirelessly as the tech lead of the frontend engineering team to collaborate with people across the campaign, ranging from design to policy to organizers, to build a website that helped serve the campaign. Below is a small sample of projects I played a large part in, from ideation to implementation. You can find a more holistic post-mortem here, or a deep dive into our website architecture here.

Policy calculators


Over the duration of the Democratic primary, the campaign released dozens of detailed plans. Rather than place the burden on voters to figure out how these plans would impact them, we compiled the data & algorithms necessary, and created extremely simple web experiences to calculate the information they needed.

The campaign calculators were often built in a rapid-response timeline, and required detailed collaboration across departments from tech to design to policy. The content architecture behind the scenes allowed for most of the calculators to be built or modified without deploying code.

The calculators ended up being some of our most viral pieces of web content, and generated lots of organic social media.

Press coverage

• Elizabeth Warren helps out 'confused' billionaires with new tax calculator (The Guardian) • Elizabeth Warren introduces a calculator for her student debt forgiveness plan (CNN) • Elizabeth Warren releases child-care cost calculator to promote universal child-care plan (The Boston Globe)

Grassroots Donor Wall


The campaign relied on small dollar contributions from supporters across the country. This live-updating donor wall helped celebrate all of our supporters.

Each donor was also emailed a code they could enter that allowed them to see their place on the donor wall, and other fundraising achievements they hit.